In consequence of this I have ventured to give a list of some Amonian terms, which occur in the mythology of Greece, and in the histories of other nations. In Epirus was a city called Alesa, Elissa, and Lesa: There was a traditioD, that Jupiter when a child was washed in its waters: In this manner the first nations were constituted, and kingdoms founded. I am convinced, and hope I shall satisfac- torily prove, that Cadmus never brought let- ters to Greece ; and that no such person ex- isted as the Grecians have described. J shall say a great deal about the Ethiopians, as their history has never been completely given: In short, they had no love for any thing genuine, no desire to be instructed.

What, then, has induced writers to suppose that he was the father of this people? Pezron applies to the modem Teutonic, which he styles the Celtic, and says, was the language of Jupiter. The whole history of Chesed is this: Hence Homer speaking of a pierson not worthy of the rights of society, calls hini The names of these buildings were given to them from the rites there practised ; all which re- lated to fire. It is mentioned by the same writer, that the Indian Hercules, by which is always meant the chief Deity, was styled Doraanes: These are very few, and of no great moment ; being such as would probably escape the reader’s notice.

Unde Rudinus ait Div6m domus aldsonum Ccel: In this there was nothing extraordinary, for they were both the same God. A sreat deal will be said of their religion and rites: These were takeiii for the most part, from hxs accounts of the Gre- cian islands ; not industriously picked out ; but as they casually presented themselves upon turn- ing over the hook.

I shall endea- vour particularly to compare sacred history with profane, and prove the general assent of mankind to the wonderful events re- corded. So Praetor and Pnetorium are from Pur-tor of tile same purport. Of this abuse I shall often speak. In respect to On, there were two dtki 80 called.

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Pliny, speaking of some Charonian hollows in Itsir, says, that the exha- lations were insupportable. In top c ct to the forsitr, the accooat given in the scriptures is undoubtedly most tme.


Dampier, afterwards Bishop of that diocese. As soch they are de- scribed bv Virgil: As oaks chammma styled Saronides, so likewise were the antient Druids, by whom the oak was held so sacred. The same author shews, manifestly, that it Wis a proper name; and that the place itself Was styled Macrai.

Plutarch de Fratemo Amore. I shall give an account of the Titans, and Titanic war, with the history of the Cuthites and antient Babylonians.

The fountain at Gortyna in Crete was very sacred, and called Lasa, and Lysa. Abulfeda styles Damascus, Damakir, p. How much it prevailed among the Ashhta wt learn from Seneca.

Ttifx liknnK oecDed xvwtTh and ifniipia’: Many of their learned writers had been abroad; and knew how idle the pretensions of their countrymen were. epizode

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Excerp- tum ex Ibn 01 Wardi. And it might sahta so: Many of these are writers of high rank ; particularly Dio- dorus, Strabo, and Pausanias, on the Gentile part: Quem cupit exiipis quisquis virtutis amator. I have mentioned that Mount Pyrene was so called from being a foimtain of fire: Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file – a reminder of this book’s long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you.

When mankind were multiplied upon the earth, each great family had, bj ‘ divine appointment, a particular place of destination, to which they retired. Agreeably to this, I find, from Aristotle irabilibus, that here was formerly an erup- f fire. The river Ales near Colophon ran through the grove of Apollo, and was esteemed the coldest stream in Ionia.

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None; not ewen of ” Athens. Who the Deity was, I diink may he plainly seen. Quem pueris ubicunque suis monstrare priorem Principe alumnomm mater Etona solet? The humble retreat of the Venerable sage was frequently visited by bis Majesty; and thus he partook in the highest honours recorded of the philo- sophers and sages of antiquity.


I will only vhamma it as my opinion, that Arbela and Gaur gamela were the same place. His grand work, called, ” A New System, or, an Analysis of Antient Mythology,”‘ was the next ; ” wherein an attempt is made to divest Tradition of Fable, and to reduce Truth to its original Purity. The like to be found near Cuma in Campania: What history was there of Corinth, or of Sparta? He was the Deity of fire ; and his ministers were styled Pueri: Had they understood the term, they would have been consistent in their chammma.

Some legend was imme- diately invented in consequence of this misprision, some story about bees and honey, and the mistake was rendered in some degree plausible. But the great resource of all is to be found among the later antiquaries and historians.

He was also called Elout. Si septimus ab Inacho, quomodo Io Inadu alia nupsit ei? Thorc was a town of this name in Israel. Our author in this, as in his other controversial writings, was influenced by a spirit of sober inquiry, and a regard for truth.

Thus far is manifesti; that Gurus signified the Sun. They esteemed Vulcan as the chief of the Gods the same as the Sun: But they were a different people from those, which he sup- poses.

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Ath-El among maoy nations a title of great honour. One is very particular. It yna no iinusual thing among the antients to call thci words of their prince tbei.