Pick up the broken shard behind the plank and then click on the green crate twice to get a coil of rope. Knight Champion 20 Modern Art 17 10 Repair the glass mural and open the path to the corrupted swamp. Pick up the new item you have made and return to the starting scene. Back up twice to get to where you started. Click on the pool of water to your left underneath where the butterfly was and use your canteen on it to collect water.

You only get ONE attempt at this, so if you somehow do fail, you have to start the entire episode over again to get this achievement. Behind the rope, in the background, you’ll see a furnace. Approach the door, and use the two broken shards you previously found here. Place your talisman in the puzzle to begin, and then click the coloured bars until the outline is created underneath as per this image. Click on the obelisk in front of you to reveal another puzzle. Aderan Paragon 34

Orb Heirloom 11 10 Obtain the Orb. The idea is to move all of your slats to the left hand side, but those pesky sliders do make this a tricky one, so follow these steps slats are numbered and pegs lettered a-f as per this image:. Place your wire on the leftmost jigsaw piece, place the rock with spokes in the centre, and finally place your charcoal rubbing on the right.

Attention to Detail 35 20 Gather all the collectibles in Episode One.

Adera (Win 8) Walkthrough

This Way, That Way. Knight Champion 20 Aderan Intuition 18 10 Complete Episode 3: In this episode it is very likely that you will need to do a good few playthoughs.

Solve all the minigames in Episode One without skipping. Check this image if you are struggling to see it. Now you’ve removed the snakes and popped that achievement, leave the blockage for now, and go back to the main screen by clicking the X in the miniscreen top right corner or the down-pointing arrow near adear hint button.


Use your torch to see into the crevice, and then use the glove to access the coiled snake carving. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Balance Has Been Restored 58 Pick up the new item you have made and return to the starting scene.

Comunitate Steam :: Adera

Use the back arrow, and then quickly use the forward arrow and repeat four times to unlock:. Click on the cabinet on the right side aadera the room, and then use the Rusted Key that you got out of the water with it.

If you do 2 or less mistakes, you can get this next achievement.

Clicking the down-pointing arrow will take you back to the previous room the starting room. Thanks for Flying Adera Airlines. In order to get walkthrouth of the achievements in Episode One in the fastest possible time, make sure you do not use the hint or skip puzzle buttons at all during your first playthrough.

With that being said, there is a trick or two with some of the minigames that can make it a little easier. Missed no more than three taps while shifting the boulder in the cave pool. Above the door and to the left, there is a bit of material hiding a brass turtle figurine. Click on the shiny area on the right hand side of the screen and collect another gear here. The five key glyphs you’ve put in the door with glow blue.

First Find 5 5 Gather your first collectible. Race to the Finish. Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread.


Click on your axe to zoom in and use the leather scrap and string to repair it. Canyon Pass 11 10 Find the three animal tokens to unlock the Ceremonial Gate. Labyrinth Leader 12 5. Quetzal Aflame walktbrough Back to the Future: Filled every available space in all three levels of the Wire Puzzle on the falling glider.

Now click on the crane itself and use the newly obtained crank here. Surface Dweller daera 15 Escape the Aderan underground and make it back to the surface. Completed the Knight’s Tour chess puzzle in Amaro’s cave without undoing a single move. True Mastery 34 15 Complete Episode 5 on Trailblazer difficulty using no hints. Pulse Perfection 18 10 Miss no more than three taps while shifting the boulder in the cave pool.

Click the down-pointing arrow near the hint button to go back to the furnace room. Dear Diary 5 5.

Lifesaver 10 10 Revive Hawk with water and the medkit. Now you’ve got all four fuses, click on the fuse box, and put all four fuses into it. Click on the down-pointing arrow near the hint button until you arrive back in the furnace room.

Turn around and follow the blue arrow towards Hawk.

Fashion a crude rope and escape through a crack in the floor. Axel and Pixel Guide. Use the Surgical Hook to pick up an Rusted Key.

Snake Charmer 16 Click on the broken elevator in the middle of the screen in the background.